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Roy released his first solo single, “Maximum Smile”, co-written with Rob Smith in 2003. ,,,,

Roy's debut album, Speak When I'm Spoken To, was released on Book Club Records. Buy on Amazon

A not-so-sleepy sleeper hit! 11/11, Seattle, U.S.A., March 2007 
Crammed full of punchy pop hooks decorated with backwards guitars and radio-friendly sitars...superb album. Out On Blue Six, January 2007 
A delightful musical train-ride through a host of influences – without ever becoming less than Moller’s own – unencumbered by expectations or unnecessary flourishes. 4/5 Topher Healy, Rave Magazine, Brisbane, Australia Jan 2007 
Great work from a very gifted and unconventional artist!! Pop’n’Cherries, Jan 2007 

In 2011 Moller released the home-recorded Playing Songs No One’s Listening To on Ottawa-based The Beautiful Music. The CD impressed BBC 6Music’s Marc Riley who booked Moller for a live session, describing him as “Scotland's best-kept secret.” Buy on Amazon

The songwriting really is excellent. An album well worth dipping into. Ed Jupp, isthismusic? 15the September 2011
Roy Moller… plies his trade in a mutant psychedelic variation of the classic Americana Roy Moller is clearly an impressive talent with a keen ear for melody and a mischievous lyric writing approach. Norman Records, 28th September, 2011

2012 saw the release of another album, The Singing's Getting Better, credited to Roy Moller and Sporting Hero, (accompanied by the single "Beneath the Tarmac").
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Hints of 1950s picking, Ray Davies at his 60s best and a country-mood Jagger and Richards gel with modern folk to capture a free-wheeling spirit… a fabulous alternative to saccharine pop, pompous rock and bland soul for the most world-weary Earth dweller. A wonderful album. Keith Ames, The Musician, Summer 2012

In 2014, Moller released two more home-recorded albums, both on Stereogram - the first, accompanied by singles "Street Oblique" and "Textbook, Textbook", was One Domino...

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There’s real wit in the lyrics (see “When I Paint My Mantelpiece”), and steel guitar adds poignancy to the decrepit majesty of the title track.  7/10 Alastair McKay, Uncut, June 2014 
There’s a vacancy for Poet Laureate of the misfits and outsiders; with One Domino - a strong contender for Album of the Year - Roy Moller has just staked his claim. 9/10, Gus Ironside, Louder Than War, April 2014 
This great album dips a toe in many musical seas and washes up a heady mix of angular pop, electro vibes, baroque folk, country twang and ready wit aplenty to come up with a wonderful collection.... A mighty fine album by any standards. Paul Johnston, Jocknroll Ain’t Noise Pollution, April, 2014

The second, Lou Reed tribute My Week Beats Your Year, received 10/10 from LouderThanWar and was accompanied by an Edinburgh Fringe show basing spoken word around a set of songs from Roy and Antifolk founder Lach. (See My Week Beats Your Year page for further details). Buy on Amazon

A single, "Another Man's God", followed in 2015. Buy on Amazon

Comically self-mocking, Roy Moller’s lyrical and spiky alternative pop is absolutely riveting.  Pennyblackmusic, June, 2015

The Beautiful Music issued two further self-produced albums, There’s A Thousand Untold Stories and There’s A Thousand More Untold Stories in 2016.

This is songwriting of the highest order... Add to this a bonus disc stuffed with delights, making this album an essential purchase for aficionados of super-smart post-punk songwriting. 9/10 Gus Ironside, Louder Than War. 27 Jul 2016]
Indietracks, 2007. Photos by Idleberry


Moller co-wrote several Belle & Sebastian songs with guitarist Stevie Jackson. and contributes songwriting, vocals and piano to Jackson’s 2010 LP (I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson.
Photo by Chris Scott, Literary Paparazzo

Under the name The Company, he collaborated with Jackson and Gary Thom (ex-Astrid), releasing the single “Join The Dots” as The Company Presents Roy Moller on Slumberland.
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Stevie and Roy teamed up with Marco Rea and Stuart Kidd (The Wellgreen) in The Store Keys, releasing  the Jackson/Moller-penned “Daddy Was A Mod in the R.A.F." (The Barne Society, 2011). Buy on Amazon

This was followed by their collaboration with George Gallacher of 60s beat group The Poets, “Louie Louie”/”Got My Mojo Workin’”, released as a single on Starla in January 2013 after Gallagher’s death. 

In 2012 Roy joined Rea, Davy Henderson (The Fire Engines/The Sexual Objects), and Carla Easton (Teen Canteen) to record a single, “The Caterpillar Tango”, written by poet Michael Pedersen, as Jesus, Baby!   Buy on Amazon.
The group also played a Marc Riley session and performed at various Neu! Reekie! events.

Roy and Michael Pedersen also collaborated on Roy's track "I Would Hate For It Not To Be Amazing", available on the compilation The Sound of Stereogram. Buy on Amazon


Speak When I’m Spoken To (2006) Book Club Records

Playing Songs No One’s Listening To (2011) The Beautiful Music
The Singing’s Getting Better (Roy Moller & Sporting Hero) (2012) Mecca
One Domino (2014) Stereogram
My Week Beats Your Year (2014) Stereogram
There’s A Thousand Untold Stories (2016) The Beautiful Music
There’s A Thousand  More Untold Stories (2016) The Beautiful Music


Second City Firsts (2004) Heliotone

“Maximum Smile”  (2003) Félicité Singles Club
“Fermez la Bouche” maxi-single (2005) Pickled Egg
Join The Dots” (The Company Presents Roy Moller) (2008) Slumberland
“More Fool You” (2011) Edition 59 
“Beneath The Tarmac” (2013) Mecca
“Street Oblique” (2014) Stereogram
“Textbook, Textbook” (2014)  Stereogram 
“Another Man’s God” (2015) Stereogram 

Photo by Gavin Fraser


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