Hamburg 2003

from the chapbook Broad Days, The Black Light Engine Room Press, 2019

Even Grosse Freiheit

is like a ghost in winter.

Bowl-cut students smoke,

freewheel pale Altona.

Clouds shift major/minor.

I add an extra layer.

Time is stripped. Four decades here,

six shed there.

So, twisted by Preludin,

John Winston Lennon

pisses over passing nuns.

John, the gonorrhea years.

By Lancaster/by Halifax/

by Arthur Bomber Harris/

by Wellington, hell drops.

Code name Gomorrah.

They’re flogging Air Force targets here.

Britpop wages on.

In the amber after hours

of existential candles

mine host Andreas

saves a low table.

Indie kids filter in

and light up — their only vice.

I should save the phrase

Bitte verzeih mir.


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