Be My Baby now available

Be My Baby by Roy Møller
Dionysia Press 2019
ISBN 978-1-903171-53-0

Buy here for £10 incl P&P

This is the true story of Roy Møller's long quest to uncover his true identity. It is 
an incredibly intimate and deeply inspiring narrative, and structured to be smoothly symphonic. You hear an honest heart beating passionately here, and the music it makes is sublime and superb.  Dr Paul Hullah, International Academic, Writer and Poet, Meiji Gakuin University 

A deeply affecting narrative-based poetry book that documents Moller’s search for his roots, as the adopted poet sets out to discover, in his fifties, who his birth parents were.
Be My Baby does not merely recount the fascinating story that Moller was able to piece together, it’s also beautifully written, as Moller uses his poetic skills to bring his story to life with extraordinary tenderness and poignancy. There is a bittersweet but accepting tone as Moller unravels the threads of the circumstances around his birth, so long shrouded in mystery while he grew up in Edinburgh, in the loving and supportive environment provided by his adoptive parents, Peter and Mollie. ..The revelations that Moller discovers about his birth parents shed new light on this multi-faceted artist’s extraordinary creativity and deeply personal worldview. Gus Ironside, LouderThanWar

Roy Møller tells the story of his birth, abandonment, and adoption, and the trauma of trying to find his identity... expressed in precise, laconic descriptions.  Shirley Bell, The Blue Nib

There is a rhythm that takes you breathless on to the next poem, hungry for more both in content and form. The interweaving of the text from adoption office is powerful… There is movement between anger, hurt, understanding and forgiveness and then back again. It is an amazing body of work!!! I am blown away…  Pen Reid, author of InValid


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