Return of The Vibrating Ecstatic Now

Paul Hullah, Lach, Martin Metcalfe & Roy Moller are four poets, writers, broadcasters & songwriters who pool their collective academic and worldly experiences to give you a thought provoking and entertaining evening. PASSIONATE fault-lines in narratives woven from fragments of vicariously shared past triumphs and traumas come together in a shared present made into art.

2017: Edinburgh: sold out.

2018: Edinburgh: sold out.

It’s lyrical: acoustic guitar and gilded glimpses of how things were and are and have to be…

Friday 23rd August, 6.30-7.30pm Club Room, Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh
Members donations | Guests: £12.00 (Tickets via Eventbrite, link coming soon).

Sunday 25th August,  7.00-9.00pm, Dunbar Battery:
No tickets required – suggested donations £5


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