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A Narrative In Five Poems (The Blue Nib)

A narrative in 5 poems by Roy Moller
The Blue Nib  Issue 31, 11th June 2018

I was conceived in Canada and born and adopted in Scotland, where I first saw the light of day the day the Clyde Tunnel opened. I started songwriting and performing music in my twenties, eventually releasing seven solo albums.
My poetry has been published in the likes of Ink, Sweat & Tears, And Other Poems, Lighthouse Literary Journal and Neu! Reekie! #UntitledTwo.

These poems are some snapshots from my birth story. My mother arrived in Edinburgh as a pregnant 28-year-old reporter from a Toronto newspaper, and within a fortnight of giving birth to me had flown back home, never to see me again or reveal the name of my father. In 2015, I found I could have my adoption records opened and discovered more about the circumstances of my birth and, eventually, who my father was (a photographer on the paper she worked for). He died in 2001, she in 2014. I’m now in touch with family I never knew, and have a better idea …

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Author photo by Deborah Mullen Photography