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Please Hear What I'm Not Saying

a self-interview.

How did you come to write poetry?

Reading the lyrics of I Am The Walrus by The Beatles on a bus coming back from Largs in 1978. I hadn’t heard the song but the words intrigued me and I started coming up with my own variations.

A lot of your poems are autobiographical.  Why did you choose to tell these stories through poetry rather than prose?

I have two main autobiographical themes in my current batch of poems - the circumstances of my birth and adoption and my lifelong battle with dyspraxia, even though I didn’t know it was called dyspraxia until I was 42. The internet delivers screeds of information and opinion to us every day but I value the white spaces on the page, hence poetry rather than prose. If there is a spiritual element to this at all it comes from laying the words on the page, not that I go in for particularly spare or enigmatic layouts.  Also I want to keep some things private. That's a responsibility I have and I take it very seriously. The respons…

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